Welcome to Rock Yoga.

Rock Yoga is a traveling yoga studio and provides classes that are in person, virtual, and on demand.

Sadie Rock
Sadie Rock - I am a compassionate and dedicated yoga instructor, my profound journey with yoga began during my own health struggles. Facing personal challenges, I turned to yoga as a source of healing about 10 years ago, and found solace in its transformative power. Through a comprehensive yoga teacher training, I deepened my knowledge and now guide my students with a harmonious blend of Vinyasa, Yin, and restorative yoga. My class emphasizes on mindful movement, breath work, and meditation, creating a nurturing space for students of all levels to find balance and inner peace. With a soothing voice and empathetic approach, I inspire others to embrace mindfulness and self-awareness, empowering my students to navigate life’s obstacles with resilience. Step onto your mat with me, and embark on a transformative journey that heals the body, mind, and soul. Namaste

In person classes are located at:

Fitness Center at Trapp Family Lodge - 681 Trapp Hill Rd, Stowe, VT 05672

Afternoon Gentle Yoga 30/30:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday - 5:00-6:00 PM

Hot Yoga Stowe - 618 S Main St Unit 2-9, Stowe, VT 05672

Warm Slow Flow:

Friday - 9:00-10:00 AM

Virtual Classes:

On Demand Classes: All on demand classes are donation based. If you would like to leave a donation, click on the class you would like and go to the description for donation details.

Live Virtual Classes: All live virtual classes are donation based. If registered you will receive a link to your email to make a donation. If you are streaming, click on the description and look for donation details.

Once registered with Rock Yoga you will receive emails for all class schedule updates or class cancellations, book a class to get registered!

Email me for any private/small group booking information.

The styles of yoga taught at Rock Yoga are listed below:

Vinyasa Yoga

Linking breath and movement, classes are designed so while moving through the different postures they "flow" together. Each class is unique so each class is a new experience. Class can be upbeat and fast paced, or can be slow to gain control of movement. Great foundation for beginners, and can also be challenging for advanced.

Yin Yoga

Postures are held for a longer amount of time, allowing the body to get deep into the muscle fibers and connective tissues. Targeting specific areas of the body, and creating sensations of a dull ache or gentle discomfort in the areas of the body being targeted.

Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga uses props to help support the body, to allow the body to become completely relaxed without any physical effort. There should be no pain or discomfort and the postures are held between 3-20 minutes at a time. Restorative is for anyone looking for deep relaxation.


Meditation is a period of time where the mind is inwardly focused. Meditation asks that the yogi stays actively present, and to not react or judge to any passing thoughts.

sthira sukham asanam
The posture should be steady and ease-full -sutra 2.46
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