How to improve your home yoga practice

August 16th 2021

Practicing at home can be challenging because you are not at a studio where the space is designed for peace and serenity. It can be so rewarding though when you find your rhythm in your own environment and it can be really fun creating and envisioning how you want your space to look and feel. Below are some tips that I use being I am a home body and do most of my practice in my own home studio.

1. Quiet space

Find a room or a space in your home that you can dedicate as your yoga room. Ideally it should be a nice quiet space but that is not always the case at home especially if you have pets or kids running around. So find your space and block it off shut the door tell the kids to go play, put the animals in a safe place so you can dedicate your time for yourself. You want a space that provides plenty of room for you to extend arms and legs comfortably. If you have carpet you may find that it is a little more comfortable on your knees but a little more challenging for your mat to stay in place, where as on a hard floor like in a yoga studio that mat sticks better but you may need a blanket under your knees if there are sensitive. Ideally you want your yoga space to have the least amount of distractions as possible again a challenge for a home practice but do the best you can.

2. No devices

So in today's world we have a harder time being away from our devices. In some yoga studios phones are not allowed. I understand about the what if's such as what if there is an emergency and you need your phone just in case. Totally understand but you are only going to be away from your phone for 30-60 minutes for your practice. I set my phone on airplane mode, or vibrate and set it off to the side so I am not focused on who is texting me. Set your playlist you want to listen to and just let it be. The more you practice the more you will crave that time of silence for yourself.

3. invest in props

If you have ever been to a yoga studio you may have noticed that they have a variety of props for you to use depending on the class and level. If you plan on continuing your home practice I would suggest investing in some props. You can find mostly everything you need on and you can get what you need without breaking the bank. Blocks are a great tool and it is always beneficial to have some on hand but you can get away with having two good blocks. Some other props you may find useful for your home practice is a bolster. Bolsters are used in restorative/ yin yoga to help support the body. They come in all shapes and sizes but I would recommend investing in a rectangle bolster, it's what I use and I love it. There are also Mexican yoga blankets you can order if you are so inclined or you don't have a blankets at home. Blankets are used commonly for all different classes for a variety of needs.

4. Make it cozy

This is your space, make it you! Light some candles, turn on a oil diffuser, light a incense, however you want your space to look and feel. This is what is so fun about having a home practice is you can literally create your perfect zen. Maybe you want to get some indoor plants for your space or decorate it with some Buddha's. If you are into art maybe painting your own mandala and hanging it. Get inspired and get creative!

5. Dedication

This can be the most challenging part of a home practice. You have to find your own motivation and dedication. If you follow the steps to creating your best yoga space hopefully that will give you the motivation you need to get onto your mat. Try finding a time that works best for you whether it is first thing in the morning or maybe at night and stick to that time. For me I just begin laying my mat out, lighting my candles and I don't even give myself the option to not show up, I do it without thinking. One of my favorite things about a home practice is all the different varieties and options of yoga. Try new classes or stick to your favorite classes. The more you show up on your mat the more progress you will see physically and mentally.

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