Cannon Mountain - High Cannon to Northeast Cannonball down Lonesome Lake Trail

October 3rd 2021


We knew there was a high possibility on this trip that we were going to be doing a lot of hard work for no view and we were right. It was a chilly overcast fall morning with a chance of rain. This 4,080 foot mountain seemed simple enough ascending the high cannon trail. It took about 2 hours to reach the view-less summit with whipping winds that stung any exposed skin.

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As we made our decent down the lonesome lake trail we were making such good time we decided to ascent up to the summit of Northeast Cannonball at 3,770. There was no view but it was a good workout. We then reached the lonesome lake which was stunning. I was so hoping to see a moose but it was pretty populated. We did our walk around the lake and visited the lonesome lake hut and then finished our descent down the lonesome lake trail. We did a total of 7.03 miles and took 6:46:42.

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