Crawford Notch and Arethusa Falls - 2021

August 16th 2021

Crawford Notch State Park

This historical park is full of mystery and wonder. The rugged terrain, fresh air and water sources are unlike any other. This park has been a place for explorers and site seers to adventure for over 200 years. Learning the history and imagining what it must have been like for the first settlers leaves you with a odd understanding about time. Staying in the Whites is always a life changing experience and leaves you craving more.

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Arethusa Falls

These falls are not easy to get to. The trail is testy and when you do arrive after a one hour climb of relentless boulders and roots you forget about your legs shaking. It completely takes your breath away. The falls stands at an impressive 160 feet high. Do not underestimate the Whites. Whenever hiking in the White Mountains make sure to have all proper first aid kits and survival packs. These trails look easy on paper but once you're out there it is a different experience.

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