Flexability Training for Mountain Bikers

August 30th 2021

Having stiff or achy joints and muscles before going on a ride may lead to a injury. Increasing flexibility will decrease that risk and will also help your joints find their full range in motion and that may help improve your riding experience and performance.

The postures listed below are recommended early in the morning while your body is waking up, or in a cold room. In Yin the postures are held for a lengthy amount of time working deep into the muscles connective tissues. Holding these postures while your body is already stretched or in a heated room may lead to over exacerbating the muscles.

For the full guided sequence check out this 30 minute Yoga for Mountain Bikers Yin class.

Cat Tail

Lay onto the right hand side extending legs out long and coming down onto the right forearm. Turn your right elbow 45 degrees from your right armpit. Extend the left leg out 90 degrees and start to kick the right foot in and use the left hand to reach for the right foot and guide the foot in towards the right glute. Hold for 1-3 minutes and then repeat second side.


From a table top position walk the hands a fist space forward. Walk the knees back keeping them hip distance and hips directly over the knees. Start to melt your heart down letting the forehead rest onto the mat. Hold for 1-3 minutes and slowly come out.

Ankle and Toe Stretch

From a kneeling position tuck the toes and make sure all toes are planted onto the mat. Guide your sitz bones onto your heels. Sit up tall and plant hands gently onto thighs or wherever feels comfortable. Hold for 1 minute. If to intense don't tuck the toes.


From a forward fold, plant the palms and step the right foot back so the knee is away from the hip. Frame the left foot and either come onto the finger tips or plant the palms down. Option to walk hands back a hands space and bend the elbows. Hold 1-3 minutes and repeat on the second side.

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