Lackawanna State Park MTB

September 29th 2021


Lackawanna State Parks mountain biking trails are by far the best trails in that area. With 15 miles worth of trails in the woods and fields it has everything you need for you to grow as a mountain biker. The park has a very well maintained trail systems that you can make into a short little loop or extend to another trail and make a longer loop or loop the whole park!

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Some easy trails to check out for beginner MTB:

  • Snow flake
  • Lake Shore
  • South Branch Trail
  • Turkey Hill - has an incline

Some moderate trails:

  • Ranger
  • Kennedy Creek
  • Bermie Senders
  • North Woods
  • Abington Trail

Some Difficult trails:

  • Basset
  • Bull Hill
  • Meadowsweet Preserve
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