Mount Katahdin - 2019

August 23rd 2021


Standing at 5,269 this mountain is the highest mountain in the state of Maine. Entering into the wilderness the sun goes down quick being in the dense woods. The cold mountain air fills the lungs with a chill. This mountain holds a very special memory of being able to be with my brother Josh (trail name Hugs) as he completed his final mountain on the Appalachian trail, It was such an honor. Maine is pretty much flat and the drive is long. There is no mistaking Katahdin when you see it standing proud in the distance.

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We arrived at the base of the mountain at Katahdin Stream ascending on the Appalachian trail. It was hard trying to keep up with my brother who was bouncing off the rocks like a spider. It was pretty warm being in the woods but as soon as you left the tree line it was like being in a blizzard.

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The whole mountain was covered in snow and ice. This mountain has some insane rock scrambles but they are so much fun. There were these tiny little metal rungs for support on some of the rock faces and there was this one reach so far that I was wondering how the hell am I supposed to get up that.

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Reaching the top was very emotional, not only for my brother but for all the other hikers that were finishing their journey. It almost felt like being at a funeral while everyone is mourning but sharing stories and memories together. It was a very humbling experience to have witnessed so many people accomplishing their life dream, it was really inspiring.

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