Mount Mansfield- Long to Profanity trail - 2021

June 5th 2021


Mount Mansfield is the highest point in Vermont. The summit peaks at 4,393 feet above sea level. There are numerous trails to take for all levels of hikers.

Mansfield "chin"

The long trail to the profanity trail is about 5 miles round trip and vertically gains 2,800 feet in elevation. The trail starts off on the south bound long trail that starts off pretty easy gaining 600 feet in the first mile.

Long Trail South

The thick woods has little creaks and streams that babble in the background making it a really zen hike. The trail then gradually becomes steeper and more challenging on a switchback style trail that gains another 800 feet of elevation.

At 1.7 miles, 1,970 feet of elevation the long trail connects to the profanity trail. Check out the Taft Lodge before you connect to profanity. The lodge is great to camp out, or just to stop by and visit or eat a packed snack. With only 740 more feet to the summit, it is a good place to take a break.

Taft Lodge

There is a reason it is called profanity trail, this section can be difficult. The last ascent to the summit is very steep and narrow. It requires some skill in rock climbing or class 2 scrambling. It is very important to take your time going up, and make sure that your hands and feet are secured in place while climbing.

Profanity Trail

Finally reaching the summit gives an instant reward of satisfaction. It is exposed and the wind can feel really strong and powerful. On a clear day the views are spectacular, giving a 360 view. Be sure to stay on the marked path to help maintain the beautiful fragile vegetation.

Mansfield Summit

Descending down profanity proved to be a pain in the a**. The rocks were steep and very slick. There was a lot of butt scooting down!

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