Mount Washington - 2014

September 20th 2021


Washington Part 2. This trip I went with my two older brothers Forrest on the left and Josh on the right.

My brothers and I had an amazing time and had awesome weather which is rare on this mountain! We ascended up the same Ammonoosuc Ravine trail and camped out on our favorite waterfall spot.

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We filled and warmed our bellies with rice and tea over a jet boil and slept underneath the stars next to a waterfall with the water misting our faces and the clear starry sky above. I came a little more prepared this time with warmer clothes, hearty food and knowing the mountain was not predictable. Early the next morning we made our ascent up to the cloud hut. We stayed and talked to some through hikers, had some delicious soup and watched a man take a dip into the cold lake of the clouds.

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We took a detour to Tuckerman Ravine's bowl. We descended to where we could see the snow but I was trying to conserve as much as my energy so I sat and waited on a rock while my brothers continued on down. The sun remained out the whole day and the weather was absolutely perfect with clear views at the summit.

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We descended back down the Jewel trail and made the 8 hour drive back home with lots of laughs and memories to share together as family.

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