Mount Worcester - 2021

March 6th 2021


Mount Worcester is a moderate 4.93 miles round trip and reaching 1,923 feet of elevation. The weather was a cold windy 20 degree day and overcast.

It was a long way up... long. There was not a ton of foot traffic so snow shoes were a must have. The trail takes its time, gradually making it's way up past the tree line and that's where the fun begins. The trail turns into this roller coaster of steep icy paths that had my calves BURNING, and then steep down hills which were fun to scoot down.

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As you make your way past the trees, the air really shifted. It felt like the air was stinging your face, even when your face was covered. When you were able to see past the icicles on your lashes, there it is. That view, the view that makes all that hard work worth it.

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With it being so cold, the moment does not last long and it is right into the decent.

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