Sprout salad wrap

June 1st 2021

Sprout Salad Wrap

Looking for a healthy delicious nutritious meal?

This quick and easy salad wrap is super yummy and packed full of things your body craves!


  • Low calorie wrap ( your favorite wrap )
  • Broccoli sprouts- about 1 cup
  • Avocado- 1/2. Cut in thin slices, or mash up and spread.
  • Red onion- thin slices
  • Tomato- thin slices
  • Cucumber- long thin slices ( gives a little yummy crunch )
  • Iceberg lettuce


Add the ingredients on to your wrap and then indulge!

  • Add avocado
  • Add sprouts
  • Add onion
  • Add tomato
  • Add cucumber
  • Add lettuce
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