The start of your yoga journey

May 15th 2021

The hardest part is to show up, and you did it. You are at the beginning chapters of your great Yoga novel. Take a moment and find a comfortable seat in a chair or on the ground, whatever feels good for you at this moment. Plant your feet firmly on the ground and feel the earth support your feet. Place your palms facing up on your thighs, and let them shine up towards the sky. Sit a little deeper in your chair, but lengthen your spine to sit up nice and tall. Bring the shoulderblades in toward one another gently and drop the shoulders down away from your ears. The body should feel completely relaxed, with no stress or strain. Let go of any tension in the face, unclench your jaw. Place your tongue in between your front rows of teeth. Inhale as you count to three. Filling your belly, ribs, chest. Hold the breath at the top, and exhale counting to three. Contracting in the chest, ribs, belly. Repeat this cycle 5 times.

Now envision yourself looking in the mirror, and just notice what you observe. Are you smiling, or frowning? Did you wave at yourself, or did you try to look away? Just notice how you react to seeing you, and try to notice without judging or reacting. Now I want you to picture the best version of yourself in that mirror, did anything change? Or did you stay the same? Observe.

Repeat these words,

I am who I am.

I am capable.

I am strong.

I am the master of my being.

I can achieve any goal I set.

I am me, and I love me.

You are you, no one else can be you. You will never be perfect, because there is no such thing as perfect.You are exactly where you need to be. Honor who you are and where you are. Do not judge yourself or criticize yourself. Do not compare yourself to others because others are not you. Be filled with gratitude that you chose this journey when you did. This is all for you. Your experience, your journey, your life. Take control of it, you earned it! Thank yourself for taking the time for yourself. I thank you, and honor you.


-Sadie Rock.

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