Yoga on the Roof - 2021

July 12th 2021

Every 4th of July for the past 8 years in a row the Yoga community gathers on a roof top in Scranton Pennsylvania. The even is hosted by Hilary Steinberg owner of Jaya Yoga in Clarks Summit Pennsylvania where all proceeds go to the philharmonics.

For one hour the community moves and breaths while the philharmonics play live music. The city is quiet, and the mist rises over the hills as the sun begins to get higher into the sky. As everyone makes their way onto their mats, mingling and socializing the energy begins to quicken. Once everyone gets seated and the teachers make their way to the front, silence takes over. Everyone intently listens for guidance into pranayama and taking in the moment. Breathing almost becomes synchronized as we all breath as a community. The experience is magical, leaves you with goosebumps. Then the fun begins as class picks up and the moving begins. Being able to look around and observe all the different people and their bodies, seeing how they move through space and time without any judgement. One hour of pure positivity. When class is over and we are all lying in savasana, the energy starts to shift to a feeling of calm and comfort.

The even ends with a light breakfast prepared by Maximum Zen, a cafe located in Jaya Yogas Studio. The cafe prepares vegan and vegetarian friendly foods that are delicious!

Starting the 4th off at Yoga on the Roof has become a personal tradition. To be around amazing people moving and breathing while listening to live music warms the soul.

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